Bobby Fischer’s
Tournament and Match Record

1955US Junior Championship, Lincoln2-6-210th-20th
1956US Amateur Championship, New Jersey3-2-121st
 US Junior Championship, Philadelphia8-1-11st
 US Open, Oklahoma City5-7-04th-8th
 Canadian Open, Montreal6-2-28th-12th
 Rosenwald Memorial, New York City2-5-48th
 Eastern States Open, Washington, D.C.4-2-02nd-4th
 Manhattan C.C. Championship, (Semi final), N.Y.C.2-1-24th
1957Log Cabin Open, West Orange4-0-26th
 Log Cabin 50-50, West Orange3-2-0?
 New Western Open, Milwaukee5-2-17th
 US Junior, San Francisco8-1-01st
 US Open, Cleveland8-4-01st
 New Jersey Open, East Orange6-1-01st
 North Central Open, Milwaukee4-2-15th-11th
 US Championship, New York8-5-01st
1958Interzonal, Porotoz6-12-25th-6th
 US Championship, New York6-5-01st
1959Mar del Plata8-4-23rd-4th
 Santiago, Chile7-1-44th-7th
 Candidate’s Tournament, Belgrade/Bled/Zagreb8-9-115th-6th
 US Championship, New York7-4-01st
1960Mar del Plata13-1-11st-2nd
 Buenos Aires3-11-513th
 Leipzig Olympiad (First board)10-6-2
 US Championship, New York7-4-01st
1962Interzonal, Stockholm13-9-01st
 Candidate’s Tournament, Curacao8-12-74th
 Varna Olympiad (First board)8-6-3
 US Championship, New York6-4-11st
1963Western Open, Bay City7-1-01st
 New York State Open, Poughkeepsie7-0-01st
 US Championship, New York11-0-01st
1965Capablanca Memorial, Havana12-6-32nd-4th
 US Championship, New York8-1-21st
1966Piatigorsky Cup, Santa Monica7-8-32nd
 Havana Olympiad (First board)14-2-1
 US Championship, New York8-3-01st
 Interzonal, Sousse7-3-0Withdrew
1970USSR vs. the Rest of the World, Belgrade (Second board)2-2-0
 Buenos Aires13-4-01st
 Siegen Olympiad (First board)8-4-1
 Interzonal, Palma de Mallorca15-7-11st
1957vs. Euwe, New York0-1-1lost
 vs. Cardoso, New York5-2-1won
1958vs. Janosevic, Belgrade0-2-0drew
 vs. Matulovic, Belgrade2-1-1won
1961vs. Reshevsky, New York/Los Angeles2-7-2drew
1971vs. Taimanov, Vancouver (Candidates quarterfinal)6-0-0won
 vs. Larsen, Denver (Candidates semifinal)6-0-0won
 vs. Petrosian, Buenos Aires (Candidates final)5-3-1won
1972vs. Spassky, Reykjavik (World Championship)7-11-3won
1992vs. Spassky, Sveti Stefan-Belgrade (World Ch. Rematch)10-15-5won

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