100 Noticeable games in Bobby Fischer’s chess career

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  1. 0007) Grossgut Fischer [7/2/56] Bobby’s First Nydorf Defence Tournament, real compression.
  2. 0020) Donovan Fischer [7/28/56] Black is preparing a Kingside attack to force the superior player to finish the game early Kingside Indian.
  3. 0035) Byrne,Dee Fisher [10/17/56] Thirteen-year-old Fisher stuns the chess world with a fascinating queen sacrifice and celebrates the victory over Donald Byrne. Subsequently, the game was named “Game of the Century” by Hans Kmoch.
  4. 0039) Fisher-diCamillo [11/56] The tactical shutter clears the endgame.
  5. 0078) Fisher-Rinaldo [8/8/57] Theoretical error is effectively converted into a winning endgame.
  6. 0082) Fisher-Mednis [8/12/57] A slight advantage is used for a good endgame finish.
  7. 0088) Green Fisher [8/31/57] The white color shows maturity in transforming an excellent minor finish.
  8. 0093) Shepherd Fisherman [9/2/57] White triggers a breakthrough on the annular side, resulting in a hunt for the King.
  9. 0101) Fisherman-Cardozo [9/57] Position route captures the victory in the match.
  10. 0103) Fisher-Sandrin [11/30/57] Another successful bishop of the opposite color zugzwang.
  11. 0108) Fisher-Feierstein [12/17/57] Dark-square weakness around the King of Black is used to win the exchange.
  12. 0110) Fischer-Reschevsky [12/21/57] The first draw of Bobby with the American giant Reshevsky.
  13. 0114) Fischer-Reshevsky [12/27/57] Execution of a familiar attacking theme.
  14. 0128) Fisher-Bronstein [8/13/58] Young American champion holds against the Soviet giant.
  15. 0130) Fischer-Larsen [8/16/58] Fischer bets on his reputation as a “Dragonfighter”.
  16. 0135) Petrosian Fischer [8/27/58] Black experienced the first of many “bear hugs” with his strong opponent.
  17. 0143) Gilgorich-Fisher [9/10/58] Theoretical novelty provides a draw, the Grandmaster Bobby title and the pier at the World Championship.
  18. 0149) Fischer-Reszewski [12/58] White breaks the published refutation and kicks Reszewski out.
  19. 0161) Fischer-Shockron [3/30/59] Technical problems are solved by tactical means in this harsh Rue Lopez.
  20. 0165) Fisher-Rossetto [4/5/59] Black frightens and boils down to another execution of zugzwang.
  21. 0169) Fisher-Sanchez [4/59] Black pushes on the ropes and enters the mating net.
  22. 0180) Ader Fischer [5/6/59] Black uses his sacrifice for royal hunting.
  23. 0181) Walter Fisher [5/19/59] Bobby hangs in the dead lost position to earn a miraculous draw.
  24. 0184) Fisher Cooper [5/59] Bobby Sozin’s pet attack. Sicilian and a small tactical error leads to a rapid crush.
  25. 0188) Fisher-Unziker [5/59] An enterprising hiking victim in Paradise Lopez leads to the textbook “Bishop versus Knight” endgame.
  26. 0192) Fisher-Kerez [6/59] A landmark game. Fisher shows the brilliance and remaining power in grinding this one.
  27. 0195) Tal Fisher [6/59] A brave game of the last round, proving that Bobby is not to be afraid.
  28. 0196) Keres Fisher [9/7/59] Bobby cold-bloodedly refutes the enterprising sacrifice of the Queen.
  29. 0205) Fisher-Benco [9/22/59] An error in the order to move meets the queen’s blistering attack.
  30. 0210) Keres-Fisher [10/3/59] A rare mistake marks another victory against this candidate for the world championship.
  31. 0211) Fischer-Petrosyan [10/4/59] This incredible four queens game swings into a draw.
  32. 0220) Gilgorik-Fisher [10/22/59] Bobby expands the existing theory and keeps his own.
  33. 0223) Smyslov Fischer [10/29/59] A ruthless technique punishes for inaccurate discovery.
  34. 0235) Wexler Fisher [3/29/60] Fisher pours himself on f-painting and wins the material. A perfect example of a gradual buildup of initiative before a final breakthrough.
  35. 0236) Spassky Fisherman [3/30/60] This famous king’s gambit shows that Fischer is not afraid of Spassky, but at this time he is not quite in line with Spassky’s ingenuity. Both players use their typical style, although Fischer spoils the winning position and loses the critical game.
  36. 0252) Fisher-Rossetto [6/25/60] Bobby rolls the dice in an effort to make it harder and tighter.
  37. 0263) Fisher-Rossetto [7/11/60] An important theoretical game for the Smith Morra gambit.
  38. 0267) Fisher-Wade [7/19/60] Black makes a small mistake in Ruy Lopez, and White converts it with a pure technical victory.
  39. 0278) Letier Fisher [10/24/60] An inaccurate discovery causes White to regroup its parts to protect the material, and Fisher breaks through, first sacrificing the exchange and then making an amazing sacrifice to the queen. Nice miniature.
  40. 0279) Fisher-Unziker [10/26/60] Fisher solves technical problems with a combination solution, capturing the initiative on the king’s side with a sacrifice, making the winning final.
  41. 0284) Fischer-Tal [11/1/60] Slight inaccuracies on both sides of the French defense lead to fireworks and a bullet nest ending in a quick draw. Classic game of titans.
  42. 0286) Fisher-Auwe [11/3/60] Fisher unravels a theoretical novelty and wins the end in the subject line.
  43. 0290) Ullmann Fischer [11/8/60] Fischer achieves equality, then a small win in the final “Bishop vs. Knight”, grinding technical victory.
  44. 0303) Fischer-Reschevsky [7/61] Bobby throws a pawn, and although Reshevsky is inventive, he makes the last mistake, as Fischer levels the match.
  45. 0306) Reszewski Fischer [7/27/61] Bobby recalculates in the middle game, but has some material deficit compensation, then plays consecutive chess to bring home the victory in the time pressure of Reszewski.
  46. 0314) Fischer-Tal [9/4/61] The first victory of Fischer against Tal. Fischer took advantage of the error of the early debut and won with a precise game, an important psychological victory for Bobby.
  47. 0318) Fischer-Heller [9/10/61] Heller takes a theoretically questionable line and receives a lightning strike (19.Qb3!) for one of the fastest defeats in Grandmaster Heller’s record.
  48. 0324) Fischer-Trifunovich [9/20/61] This game shows Bobby his technical achievements, turning a pawn’s weakness into an advantage and continuing to exert pressure to win the long final.
  49. 0327) Portico Fischer [9/25/61] Fischer again wins the debut fight and has a better minor figure. Bobby wins against a famous rival.
  50. 0330) Fischer-Petrosian [9/30/61] Fischer holds a small advantage against a man known as “The hardest man in the world to beat”. Black cracks against the young grandmaster and Bobby knocks out his first victory against Petrosian.
  51. 0335) Fisher-Portish [1/31/62] A very instructive ending to the rook and pawn, where Fisher uses small advantages and cares for them to defeat one of the best players in the world.
  52. 0336) Bilek Fischer [2/3/62] Fischer releases a novelty in the highly theoretical Sicilian version of the “Poisoned Pawn” and earns a good victory over the great master.
  53. 0342) Janofsky Fischer [2/14/62] Slightly studied game because of its length, but in this game you can see that Fischer is the world champion. Bobby takes the Knight against Bishop and with a pawn keeps the right number of pieces on the board and polishes a glorious victory in 112 moves.
  54. 0349) Fisher-Kornoy [2/27/62] Another hook-and-mouth struggle with the “Winner of Grozny”. Both players make inaccurate moves in the opening and beginning of the middle game. But once again, a friend of Fischer’s wins another game under the pressure of time.
  55. 0352) Bertok Fischer [3/4/62] Fischer breaks through a brilliant Stockholm victory with positional compression on the black side of Tartakauer. This game reveals Fischer’s classic style and the ongoing pursuit of victory, despite the fact that he leads the field in this game.
  56. 0364) Fischer-Tal [5/19/62] Rarely a Latvian tactical genius puts so much effort into defense, but Fischer combines an excellent royal position and the best secondary piece to grind the victory over the Soviet titan.
  57. 0389) Fischer-Najdorf [9/28/62] A unique exchange sacrifice with a combination of positional and tactical qualities. Nydorf is removed in 24 moves. This is a real classic.
  58. 0391) Fischer-Robatch [9/30/62] The fast crunch of the central rack with Bobby demonstrating his tactic of playing Dragon to open the Royal Black Court and return home early.
  59. 0394) Junziker Fischer [10/4/62] Bobby plays his pet Naidorf Sicilian with great precision and ends up with a Junziker tactical shot.
  60. 0397) Botvinnik Fischer [10/7/62] An instructive rook and pawn, in which Botvinnik, fortunately, thanks to the Soviet team’s approach to the delayed analysis, finishes with the worst end. This game involves careful study and shows Bobby’s outstanding theoretical background. Botvinnik completely missed 17…Qf4! in the analysis of this position in preparation for the match with Smyslov a few years earlier.
  61. 0417) Berliner Fischer [7/7/63] Fischer makes a tactical throw (20…g5!!!) to secure the victory. Example of an international master against a super grand master.
  62. 0426) Berlin, R Fisher [12/18/63] Fisher spurs the exchange for a royal attack and wins a miniature. Many players in the press center believed that Byrne better stood up at the time of retirement. This game is one of Bobby’s greatest efforts and demonstrates his delicate handling of the initiative.
  63. 0429) Fisher Steinmeyer [12/22/63] A humorous miniature with 17 movements, in which Fisher creates a royal trap.
  64. 0433) Fischer-Benco [12/30/63] 19.Rf6 Fischer!! puts the lid on the game after a few small inaccuracies of black. This game typifies Fischer’s dominance over Benko throughout his career.
  65. 0436) Smyslov Fischer [8/26/65] Game from the Havana Telex Olympiad. Fischer has a small material advantage over his opponent and wins the classic game.
  66. 0439) Tringhov Fischer [8/31/65] Fischer brings a theoretical novelty from 15…fxe6! and quickly wins by natural moves against another Grandmaster.
  67. 0443) Robatch Fischer [9/9/65] Bobby uses White’s harmless opening novelty and dominates first in dark squares and soon the whole board.
  68. 0458) Fischer-Benco [12/65] Bobby wins a long Paradise Lopez with a cute tactical finish.
  69. 0473) Spassky Fisher [7/28/66] Fisher is inferior to Spassky from the best position. This game has shown that at the moment Bobby’s style is not yet very well combined with Spassky.
  70. 0480) Larsen Fischer [8/10/66] Benoni position, where Larsen is beaten with precise moves on each move.
  71. 0485) Fisher-Durano [10/28/66] Fisher plays his favorite King’s Indian Attack and pushes on both sides of the board, eventually breaking through with a brilliant Knightly sacrifice.
  72. 0492) Fisher-Portish [11/10/66] Bobby dusts off a Paradise Lopez exchange variation and knocks down Portisch in a very instructive final. This game characterizes Fisher’s classic style and his ability to play unexpectedly, but with sound movements.
  73. 0495) Nydorf Fischer [11/13/66] Fischer plays Modern Benoni with Black, taking advantage of the huge chance to win a pawn by voluntarily entering the pin, realizing that the White attack will soon be over.
  74. 0496) Fischer-Spassky’s first real chance [11/14/66] to win against Boris. Under the pressure of time Fisher takes a pawn that allows Spassky to play counterattack. Although Fischer did not win this game, he proved that he can compete with the World Cup caliber players.
  75. 0505) Byrne, Dee Fischer [12/66] Fischer is black in the Dutch style of English, where he shows the exact game to remove the international master Byrne.
  76. 0516) Larsen Fischer [3/28/67] The classic royal Indian, in which Fischer plays in a draw variation, creates a slightly better final and beats Larsen. This game can be seen as a drawing of Bobby’s overwhelming victory in the 1970 Candidates Matches.
  77. 0537) Fischer-Sofrevsky [8/67] Fischer shows that when given the opportunity, he can attack with the best of them. 15.Nd5 is a bolt that ends with a quick hit.
  78. 0540) Fisher-Miagmasuren [10/18/67] The attack of the king of the Indians shows a gradual increase of Fisher, as a result of which he makes a decisive sacrifice to the queen. A game to be played.
  79. 0544) Fisher-Stein [10/24/67] Battle of the Titans. Fisher wins a bullet in “Lopez Paradise”. Without a doubt, one of the best games in 1967.
  80. 0547) Byrne,R Fisher [10/31/67] Fisher shows a theoretical novelty on the 13th move by literally pushing Byrne off the board.
  81. 0555) Bernstein-Pischer [6/25/68] Bobby of Queenside Castle against a closed Sicilian and uses tactical errors made by his confused opponent.
  82. 0557) Chocaltea Fischer [6/27/68] This game shows Fischer’s ability to defend for a long time. White puts the Knight on d5, but Bobby makes him play a better move for many, many moves, and Black finally wins.
  83. 0563) Matulovic Fischer [9/9/68] This game demonstrates the originality of Bobby with 13…Kxe7!, winning time for the royal initiative. Fischer once again grinds the Grandmaster on the black side of the Sicilian.
  84. 0566) Fisher-Minic [9/14/68] Fisher’s essay “The Royal Gambit”, in which he demonstrates the power of his royal attack with a deep exchange of sacrifices.
  85. 0574) Saidi-Fisher [1969] The only serious game Bobby played in 1969. It was awarded the “second best game of the first half” by the judges of the “Chess Informant”. Bobby uses the tactics of the boa restrictor on both sides of the board.
  86. 0575) Fischer-Petrosian [3/29/70] Bobby plays a previously considered harmless version of the Karo-Kann and kicks Petrosian off the board.
  87. 0598) Fischer-Georgiu [7/21/70] A perfect example of the combination of space, time and mobility, as Bobby puts it on the clamp. Each of the white figures is slightly better placed, and he squeezes out the victory in less than 40 moves.
  88. 0599) Fischer-Schweber [7/23/70] One of the longest combinations of Fischer, he makes a sacrifice to the Queen, resulting in a brilliant ending. This game deserves to be repeated many times.
  89. 0606) Sabo Fisher [8/4/70] An unknown game that shows the excellent feeling of Bobby, for which the pieces must stay on the board, as he wins an instructive ending.
  90. 0637) Heller Fisher [11/24/70] A landmark game. Since Geller was Fischer’s sworn enemy, Bobby gave up an early draw with black pieces and continued to play. In the end, Heller crashed into an optical illusion.
  91. 0646) Fischer-Mecking [12/8/70] switches his discoveries to 1.b3 and is both positionally and tactically ahead of his young grandmaster’s opponent.
  92. 0649) Taimanov-Pischer [5/16/71] Bobby wins the topsize tour of King’s King and sets the tone for the match.
  93. 0652) Fisher-Taiman [5/25/71] Fisher gathers another Bishop against a Knight finishing with Rook on the board. Bobby wins with another positional squeeze. Playing Black against Fischer at this stage of his career is torture. Bobby wins the match 6-0.
  94. 0655) Fischer-Larsen semifinal candidates match [7/6/71] in Denver. The first game stands out because Fischer finally caught up with the French winegrowers, winning the fight with Grandmaster Larsen on cuts and pushes. Bobby wins this match with a score of 6:0.
  95. 0661) Fischer Petrosian [9/30/71] Candidates match game one. Bobby wins after he is surprised by the opening novelty. It is an inaccurate game, but a good way to start the match with Petrosyan.
  96. 0667) Petrosian-Fisher [10/17/71] Candidates match 6th game. The score of the match was tied and this game broke Petrosyan. Bobby has a spatial advantage and transforms an extra pawn into a long final. Fisher shows excellent analysis and great technical virtuosity after the break. Bobby wins the last four games of the match to qualify for the world championship match against Spassky.
  97. 0672) Spassky Fischer [7/16/72] Fischer wins with Benoni against nervous Spassky. This game was the first victory of Bobby over Boris Spassky.
  98. 0674) Spassky Fischer [7/20/72] Fischer wins again against Black in the Nimzo-Indian fight. This could have been a psychological turning point in the match, as Boris showed extreme nerve problems. Fischer wins in 27 moves.
  99. 0679) Fischer-Spassky [8/3/72] Favorite game of many Grandmasters, Bobby sacrifices material for initiative with 26.Bb3! winning the classic game.
  100. 0690) Spassky Fisher [8/31/72] Fisher outlines an old variation of the Sicilian defense. Boris plays exactly, but stumbles at the end of the middle game. The game is postponed, but Spassky retires without further play on September 1, 1972, and Bobby becomes the first official world chess champion in American history.

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