100 Notable Games in Bobby Fischer's Chess Career

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  1. 0007) Grossguth-Fischer [7/2/56] Bobby's first tournament Najdorf Defense, a real squeeze.

  2. 0020) Donovan-Fischer [7/28/56] Black cooks up a Kingside attack to force a superior ending in an early King's Indian.

  3. 0035) Byrne,D-Fischer [10/17/56] Thirteen year old Fischer stuns the chess world with a fascinating Queen sacrifice and celebrated victory over Donald Byrne. The game was subsequently dubbed "Game of the Century" by Hans Kmoch.

  4. 0039) Fischer-diCamillo [11/56] A tactical bolt clears up an endgame.

  5. 0078) Fischer-Rinaldo [8/8/57] A theoretical error is efficiently converted to a winning endgame.

  6. 0082) Fischer-Mednis [8/12/57] A slight advantage is used to bring about a nice zugzwang finish.

  7. 0088) Fischer-Green [8/31/57] White shows maturity in converting a superior minor piece ending.

  8. 0093) Fischer-Sherwin [9/2/57] White launches a Ringside breakthrough resulting in a King hunt.

  9. 0101) Fischer-Cardoso [9/57] A positional rout caps a match victory.

  10. 0103) Fischer-Sandrin [11/30/57] Another successful opposite-colored Bishop zugzwang.

  11. 0108) Fischer-Feuerstein [12/17/57] Dark-square weaknesses around Black's King are exploited to win the exchange.

  12. 0110) Fischer-Reshevsky [12/21/57] Bobby's first draw with U.S. giant Reshevsky.

  13. 0114) Fischer-Sherwin [12/27/57] Execution of a familiar attacking theme.

  14. 0128) Fischer-Bronstein [8/13/58] The young American champion holds on against a Soviet giant.

  15. 0130) Fischer-Larsen [8/16/58] Fischer stakes out his reputation as a "Dragon slayer".

  16. 0135) Petrosian-Fischer [8/27/58] Black survives the first of many "bear hugs" with his powerful opponent.

  17. 0143) Gilgoric-Fischer [9/10/58] A theoretical novelty secures the draw, Bobby's Grandmaster title, and a berth in the World Championship Tournament.

  18. 0149) Fischer-Reshevsky [12/58] White uncorks a published refutation and blows Reshevsky out.

  19. 0161) Fischer-Shocron [3/30/59] Technical problems are solved by tactical means in this sharp Ruy Lopez.

  20. 0165) Fischer-Rossetto [4/5/59] Black gets rattled and is reduced to another execution of zugzwang.

  21. 0169) Fischer-Sanchez [4/59] Black is pushed to the ropes and caught in a mating net.

  22. 0180) Ader-Fischer [5/6/59] Black uses a stock sacrifice to generate a King hunt.

  23. 0181) Walther-Fischer [5/19/59] Bobby hangs in a dead lost position to earn a miracle draw.

  24. 0184) Fischer-Kupper [5/59] Bobby's pet Sozin attack. The Sicilian and a small tactical error add up to a quick crush.

  25. 0188) Fischer-Unzicker [5/59] An enterprising pawn sacrifice in the Ruy Lopez leads to a textbook Bishop vs. Knight endgame.

  26. 0192) Fischer-Keres [6/59] A landmark game. Fischer shows brilliance and staying power in grinding this one out.

  27. 0195) Tal-Fischer [6/59] A courageous last round game proving that Bobby isn't to be intimidated.

  28. 0196) Keres-Fischer [9/7/59] Bobby coolly refutes an enterprising Queen sacrifice.

  29. 0205) Fischer-Benko [9/22/59] A move order error is met with a blistering Kingside attack.

  30. 0210) Keres-Fischer [10/3/59] A rare blunder notches another win against this World Championship candidate.

  31. 0211) Fischer-Petrosian [10/4/59] This incredible four Queens game swings to a draw.

  32. 0220) Gilgoric-Fischer [10/22/59] Bobby expands existing theory and holds his own.

  33. 0223) Smyslov-Fischer [10/29/59] Ruthless technique punishes an opening inaccuracy.

  34. 0235) Wexler-Fischer [3/29/60] Fischer piles up on the f-pawn and wins material. An excellent example of a gradually building initiative before the final breakthrough.

  35. 0236) Spassky-Fischer [3/30/60] This well-known King's gambit shows that Fischer is not afraid of Spassky but at this time, he is not quite up to Spassky's resourcefulness. Both players employ their typical style, although Fischer spoils a winning position and loses a critical game.

  36. 0252) Fischer-Rossetto [6/25/60] Bobby rolls the dice, aiming to complicate and squeeze.

  37. 0263) Fischer-Korchnoi [7/11/60] An important theoretical game for the Smith-Morra gambit.

  38. 0267) Fischer-Wade [7/19/60] Black commits a slight error in the Ruy Lopez and White converts it with a clean technical victory.

  39. 0278) Letelier-Fischer [10/24/60] An inexact opening forces White to regroup his pieces to defend material and Fischer crashes through, first sacrificing the exchange, then delivering a surprising Queen sacrifice. A nice miniature.

  40. 0279) Fischer-Unzicker [10/26/60] Fischer solves technical problems with a combinative solution, seizing the initiative on the Kingside with a piece sacrifice, forcing a won ending.

  41. 0284) Fischer-Tal [11/1/60] Slight inaccuracies by both sides in a French defense result in fireworks and a slugfest ending in a quick draw. A classic game of titans.

  42. 0286) Fischer-Euwe [11/3/60] Fischer uncorks a theoretical novelty and wins the ending in a topical line.

  43. 0290) Uhlmann-Fischer [11/8/60] Fischer gains equality then a slight edge with a Bishop vs. Knight ending, grinding out a technical win.

  44. 0303) Fischer-Reshevsky [7/61] Bobby sacks a pawn and although Reshevsky is resourceful, he makes the last mistake as Fischer evens the match.

  45. 0306) Reshevsky-Fischer [7/27/61] Bobby is out-calculated in the middle game but has some compensation for the material deficit, then plays consistent chess to bring home the victory in Reshevsky's time pressure.

  46. 0314) Fischer-Tal [9/4/61] Fischer's first victory against Tal. Fischer takes advantage of an early opening mistake and wins with accurate play, An important psychological victory for Bobby.

  47. 0318) Fischer-Geller [9/10/61] Geller adopts a theoretically dubious line and is hit with a thunderbolt (19.Qb3!) for one of the quickest losses on Grandmaster Geller's record.

  48. 0324) Fischer-Trifunovic [9/20/61] This game shows Bobby at his technical best by turning a pawn weakness into an advantage and continuing the pressure to win a long ending.

  49. 0327) Portisch-Fischer [9/25/61] Fischer once again wins the opening duel and has the better minor piece. Bobby squeezes out a win against a famous opponent.

  50. 0330) Fischer-Petrosian [9/30/61] Fischer keeps a slight edge against the man known as "The hardest man in the world to beat." Black cracks against the young Grand master and Bobby notches his first victory against Petrosian.

  51. 0335) Fischer-Portisch [1/31/62] A very instructive Rook and pawn ending where Fischer takes small advantages and nurses them into a win against one of the world's top players.

  52. 0336) Bilek-Fischer [2/3/62] Fischer unleashes a novelty in the highly theoretical Poisoned Pawn variation of the Sicilian and earns a nice win against the Grand master.

  53. 0342) Yanofsky-Fischer [2/14/62] A little-studied game because of its length, but this game reveals a glimpse of Fischer the World Champion. Bobby takes Knight versus Bishop and keeps the proper number of pieces on the board with a pawn up and grinds out a nice 112-move victory.

  54. 0349) Fischer-Korchnoi [2/27/62] Another cut-and-thrust struggle with "Victor the Terrible." Both players make inexact moves in the opening and early middle game. But once again the clock in Fischer's friend as he wins another game in time pressure.

  55. 0352) Bertok-Fischer [3/4/62] Fischer caps a brilliant Stockholm win with a positional squeeze on the Black side of a Tartakower. This game shows Fischer's classical style and continuing will to win even though he leads the field in the event.

  56. 0364) Fischer-Tal [5/19/62] Rarely is the Latvian tactical genius put so much on the defensive, but Fischer combines superior King position and a better minor piece to grind out a win against the Soviet titan.

  57. 0389) Fischer-Najdorf [9/28/62] A unique exchange sacrifice which has a blend of positional and tactical qualities. Najdorf is taken down in 24 moves. This one is a true classic.

  58. 0391) Fischer-Robatsch [9/30/62] A quick crunch of the Center Counter with bobby demonstrating his Dragon-slaying tactics to pry open Black's Kingside and go home early.

  59. 0394) Unzicker-Fischer [10/4/62] Bobby plays his pet Najdorf Sicilian with great accuracy and finishes Unzicker off with a tactical shot.

  60. 0397) Botvinnik-Fischer [10/7/62] An instructive Rook and pawn ending in which Botvinnik luckily draws an inferior ending thanks to the Soviet team approach of adjourned analysis. This game suggests careful study and shows Bobby's outstanding theoretical preparation. Botvinnik had completely overlooked 17...Qf4! when analyzing this position in preparation for a match with Smyslov some years earlier.

  61. 0417) Berliner-Fischer [7/7/63] Fischer throws in a tactical shot (20...g5!!) to seal the victory. An example of International Master vs. Super Grand master.

  62. 0426) Byrne, R-Fischer [12/18/63] Fischer spurns the exchange for a Kingside attack and wins a miniature. Many of the players in the press room thought that Byrne stood better at the moment he resigned. This game is one of Bobby's greatest efforts and demonstrates his delicate handling on the initiative.

  63. 0429) Fischer-Steinmeyer [12/22/63] A humorous 17-move miniature in which Fischer engineers a Queen trap.

  64. 0433) Fischer-Benko [12/30/63] Fischer's 19.Rf6!! puts the lid on the game after a few minor inaccuracies by Black. This game typifies Fischer's dominance over Benko throughout his career.

  65. 0436) Smyslov-Fischer [8/26/65] A game from the Havana Telex Olympiad. Fischer nurses a slight material advantage against his opponent and wins a classic game.

  66. 0439) Tringov-Fischer [8/31/65] Fischer brings out a theoretical novelty with 15...fxe6! and wins quickly with natural moves against another Grand master.

  67. 0443) Robatsch-Fischer [9/9/65] Bobby takes advantage of an innocuous opening novelty by White and dominates first the dark squares and soon the whole board.

  68. 0458) Fischer-Benko [12/65] Bobby wins a long Ruy Lopez with a cute tactical finish.

  69. 0473) Spassky-Fischer [7/28/66] Fischer's second loss to Spassky from a better position. This game showed that at this point in time Bobby's style did not yet match up well against Spassky.

  70. 0480) Larsen-Fischer [8/10/66] A Benoni position where Larsen is beaten by exact moves at every turn.

  71. 0485) Fischer-Durano [10/28/66] Fischer plays his favorite King's Indian Attack and pushes on both sides of the board, finally breaking through with a brilliant Knight sacrifice.

  72. 0492) Fischer-Portisch [11/10/66] Bobby dusts off the Ruy Lopez Exchange variation and takes down Portisch in a very instructive ending. This game characterizes Fischer's classical style and ability to play unexpected, but sound moves.

  73. 0495) Najdorf-Fischer [11/13/66] Fischer plays the Modern Benoni with Black, taking enormous chances to win a pawn, voluntarily walking into a pin, realizing that White's attack will soon run out of steam.

  74. 0496) Fischer-Spassky [11/14/66] Fischer's first real chance to win against Boris. In time pressure, Fischer takes a pawn allowing Spassky counter play. While Fischer didn't win this game, he proved that he could compete with World Championship caliber players.

  75. 0505) Byrne,D-Fischer [12/66] Fischer is Black in a Dutch-like English where he shows accurate play to take out International Master Byrne.

  76. 0516) Larsen-Fischer [3/28/67] A classical King's Indian where Fischer plays a drawish variation, engineers a slightly better ending and outplays Larsen. This game can be seen as a blueprint for Bobby's overwhelming victory in their Candidates match of 1970.

  77. 0537) Fischer-Sofrevski [8/67] Fischer shows that when given the opportunity, he can attack with the best of them. 15.Nd5 is a bolt that ends in a quick smash.

  78. 0540) Fischer-Miagmasuren [10/18/67] A King's Indian Attack showing Fischer's gradual build up, resulting in a decisive Queen sacrifice. A game well worth replaying.

  79. 0544) Fischer-Stein [10/24/67] A battle of titans. Fischer wins the slug out in a Ruy Lopez. No doubt one of the finest games if 1967.

  80. 0547) Byrne,R-Fischer [10/31/67] Fischer shows a theoretical novelty on move 13, literally pushing Byrne off the board.

  81. 0555) Bernstein-Fischer [6/25/68] Bobby castles Queenside against the closed Sicilian and takes advantage of the tactical mistakes made by his confused opponent.

  82. 0557) Ciocaltea-Fischer [6/27/68] This game shows Fischer's ability to defend over a long period of time. White puts a Knight on d5, but Bobby forces him to play the best move for many, many turns, and Black finally emerges victorious.

  83. 0563) Matulovic-Fischer [9/9/68] This game demonstrates Bobby's originality with 13...Kxe7!, gaining time for a Queenside initiative. Fischer once again grinds down a Grandmaster from the Black side of a Sicilian.

  84. 0566) Fischer-Minic [9/14/68] Fischer essays the King's Gambit, in which he demonstrates the potency of his Kingside attack with a profound exchange sacrifice.

  85. 0574) Saidy-Fischer [1969] Bobby's only serious game of 1969. It was awarded the "second best game of the first half of the year" by the Chess Informator judges. Bobby uses boa-constrictor tactics on both sides of the board.

  86. 0575) Fischer-Petrosian [3/29/70] Bobby plays the previously considered innocuous exchange variation of the Caro-Kann and blows Petrosian off the board.

  87. 0598) Fischer-Gheorghiu [7/21/70] An excellent example of a blend of space, time, and mobility as Bobby puts on the clamp. Each of White's pieces is slightly better placed, and he squeezes out a victory in under 40 moves.

  88. 0599) Fischer-Schweber [7/23/70] One of Fischer's longest combinations, he executes a Queen sacrifice resulting in a brilliant ending. This game deserves multiple replays.

  89. 0606) Szabo-Fischer [8/4/70] A little-known game which shows Bobby's excellent feel for which pieces should remain on the board as he wins an instructive ending.

  90. 0637) Geller-Fischer [11/24/70] A landmark game. As Geller was Fischer's nemesis, Bobby refused an early draw offer with the Black pieces and continued to play. Geller finally cracked with an optical illusion in the ending.

  91. 0646) Fischer-Mecking [12/8/70] Fischer switches openings with 1.b3 and positionally and tactically outstrips his young Grandmaster opponent.

  92. 0649) Taimanov-Fischer [5/16/71] Bobby wins a topsy-turvy King's Indian and sets the tone for the match.

  93. 0652) Fischer-Taimanov [5/25/71] Fischer puts together another Bishop vs. Knight ending with Rooks on the board. Bobby wins with another positional squeeze. To play Black against Fischer at this stage in his career is torture. Bobby wins the match 6-0.

  94. 0655) Fischer-Larsen [7/6/71] Candidates Semifinal match in Denver. Game one stands out as Fischer finally gets a grip on the Winawer French, winning a cut and thrust struggle against Grandmaster Larsen. Bobby goes on to win this match by a 6-0 score.

  95. 0661) Fischer-Petrosian [9/30/71] Candidates Match game one. Bobby wins after being surprised by an opening novelty. This is a sloppy game, but a good way to start a match against Petrosian.

  96. 0667) Petrosian-Fischer [10/17/71] Candidates Match game six. The match score was tied, and this game breaks Petrosian. Bobby has a space advantage and converts the extra pawn in a long ending. Fischer shows superior analysis and great technical virtuosity after the adjournment. Bobby wins the last four games of the match to qualify for the World Championship match with Spassky.

  97. 0672) Spassky-Fischer [7/16/72] Fischer wins with the Benoni against a nervous Spassky. This game was Bobby's first victory over Boris Spassky.

  98. 0674) Spassky-Fischer [7/20/72] Fischer wins again with Black in a Nimzo-Indian. This could have been the psychological turning point of the match, as Boris was showing extreme problems with his nerves. Fischer wins in 27 moves.

  99. 0679) Fischer-Spassky [8/3/72] A favorite game of many Grand masters, Bobby sacrifices material for the initiative with 26.Bb3! winning a classic game.

  100. 0690) Spassky-Fischer [8/31/72] Fischer essays an old variation of the Sicilian defense. Boris plays accurately, but falters late in the middle game. The game is adjourned, but Spassky resigns without further play on September 1, 1972 and Bobby becomes the first official American World Chess Champion in history.

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